Hey Mamma,

I'm Kara-Lee.

Zen Mamma, Serenity Coach, Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Single Mom, Coffee Lover and Your New Mom Friend on a mission to help stressed out, hard working mammas live and love life again.

Thank you for being here!

& led me to my calling

There was a time when I was depressed, suicidal, and had no idea how to connect with other people, especially other women and moms. I felt like I was constantly being judged, alone and listless, wandering the Earth doing all the things I was supposed to do instead of really living.

I certainly didn't think I was enough, just me without the mask of happiness & niceness I wore. I had a problem with care giving to earn love and saying yes when I really meant no. It took me a long time to learn how to set boundaries, that I deserved to be loved, to honour my emotions and take care of myself first.

You know that cliche thing you hear from yoga instructors and meditators, "Yoga saved my life...". They're not lying. Yoga, mindfulness & meditation really did save my life

I spent years 'doing life' in a constant state of hyper arousal, totally stressed out, rather than living life, all because I was trying to be something I'm not, but I didn't know that. It took me years, and a total mental breakdown, to figure it out. 

Then I Found Healing

My healing journey, and road to finding my life's sweet spot, began when I stumbled across the theory of neuroplasticity and the idea that we have the power to change our lives by reshaping our minds with conscious and intentional thinking, feeling and acting from a place of self awareness & love. From there, I went down the rabbit hole of mixing neuroscience with ancient philosophies, traveled to India to find myself, became a yoga instructor and took meditation courses until Reiki and energy medicine found me.

Everything I've experienced and felt, all the ups and downs, has led me to this moment to help women, especially hard working, care giving and disenchanted moms find passion and love for life again. The spark of a passionate life is within you!

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Oakville, ON, Canada