Why Do Women Want to "Have It All"?

April 1, 2016

Women these days, including myself, are feeling the pressure to have it all and be perfect doing it.


Career, money, children, saving the world, staying (skinny) fit and youthful are our top priorities. Are they not?


I find that even when we say we don't care about fitting into the advertiser's dream, we still secretly hate on ourselves, poking fun at our flaws, laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.



We have to be kind, nurturing, driven (without seeming too ambitious), sexy, cute, athletic and smart (but not too smart).


Did you know, I can dribble with one hand tied behind my back. *wink*


I can also remember everyone on Earth's schedule and intuitively bring you a sandwich at the perfect moment when your stomach starts to grumble. Your moods are my moods and I never speak out of turn.




I realize I'm pretty amazing, but did you know that even if I'm stranded on an island with nothing to eat, fighting off wild boars, and sweating like a Canadian in Hell I still find time to shave my pits and legs, keep my hair perfectly coiffed, put on mascara, and don't bleed all over the place when aunt flow comes to visit.


What am I thinking? Aunt flow never visits. I'm flow free, always.


In this alternate reality, I'm an Amazonian (hairless) Goddess.


But enough of the fantasy. Let's get real.


Women want it all because we think that's what we are supposed to want. The proverbial American Dream, that doesn't really exist for most people. I don't think it ever did.


We are feminists, afraid of being labelled as such, fearing the negative connotation associated with the word. For too long we have been submissive, not leaning in (thank you Sheryl Sandberg for the term) and raising our hands for recognition and appreciating ourselves for being fabulous, just as we are.


My goal with this blog is not to persuade women, and myself, to avoid reaching for everything our hearts desire. Quite the contrary. My goal is to change the perspective of what it means to Have It All and to Dream It to Be It. I'm publishing this blog to help women everywhere reduce the stress and anxiety associated with trying desperately to achieve the impossible and the subsequent guilt for being an absolute failure at mastering 'perfection'.


My goal is also to help women accept that we too can be just as independently successful as men and we don't have to achieve it the same way. There are advantages to being women, and tapping into the feminine energy we carry within.


Note: We all have masculine and feminine energies circling our bodies and we all can tap into either at any time. I'll write more about this later. 


In the posts to follow, you will be supported and inspired on your journey towards appreciating the beauty of your soul and the magic of being alive. Everything else can be created. You just have to believe in you and that you can manifest the reality you seek simply by believing it's possible and ignoring everything else that gets in your way.


Are you ready for a new sense of relief? I sure am.


And I'm looking forward to this journey with all of you marvelous and mystical wonders of this world.





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