How to Use Mindfulness to Increase Fertility

November 29, 2016


Just Relax and It Will Happen


Oh, Sod Off! Just relax is the worst advice you can give a woman trying to conceive.


If you're one of the millions of women out there having a hard time conceiving and have heard this, I know you wanted to punch the offender right on the nose.






Okay, Wonder Woman. You're frustrated and have every right to be. But before you battle all of the evil demons out there, take a breath.


I'm going to help you take on your inner demons first. 



Dreaming of a Baby


The dream of motherhood for many women is real. For some, it's their reason for living. For others it's a joyful addition to an already fulfilled life. No matter what your reasons for wanting a baby are, you have every right to that dream. 


The dream seems so easy when you're young.


Meet prince charming, get married, get pregnant, and 9 months later the newest love of your life is born. But sadly, for so many women, this dream doesn't come so easily. It takes work, money, time, and patience.


Even then, it doesn't seem to be enough. You may question yourself. Is it you? Why is your body letting you down? Are you woman enough? Is it your partner? The donor? Can you be happy without a child? Is adoption an option? What about a surrogate. 


So many questions. So much worry. An enormous amount of toxic emotions invading your body via your mind. 


Everybody told you raising children is hard work. They even said giving birth is horrific and painful. But not many talk about the emotional pain of conception when it doesn't come so naturally.  


I mean, your body was designed for this, right? But just like a successful career, circumstances, timing, plans and attitude are just as important as the mechanics. 



Take a Step Back 


Before you worry yourself to death, take a look around. What is happening in your life right now? Are you working yourself up into a tizzy over this baby thing and missing other small miracles in your life? 


Take stock of the world you live in. Take it all in.


Is this the dream you had in mind? Are you happy? Do you want a baby for all of the right reasons?


If not, it's time to make a change. To do that, meditate on the questions: what needs to change and what will make me happy?


What isn't working for you right now? Be brutally honest with yourself and then take action steps to make the necessary changes. 



Reduce Stress 


Is the stress from work or relationships causing your hormones to be imbalanced?


When you're under constant pressure and stress, your body produces prolactin, cortisol and other hormones, which may interfere with or block regular ovulation.



If stress is the culprit, start taking regular yoga classes. Avoid Power Yoga, opting for Yin or Restorative Yoga and meditation classes instead. They will reduce your physical and mental stress, easing cortisol production, regulating your cycle. 


Take a look at Circle Bloom's Fertility Relaxation Programs, many of which can be done virtually. They have amazing meditations to help you manifest your miracle pregnancy. The creators have had their own struggles with conceiving and found that relaxation was paramount to realizing their family dreams.


All babies are miracles. Trust that you can have yours. 



Alter Your Environment 


Think about your current environment. Now visualize the ideal circumstances you'd like to bring your new bundle of joy home to. That's the environment you should be living in now.


The energy you surround yourself with on a daily basis is going to impact your ability to conceive because this environment impacts stress and stress impacts your hormones. 


Unclutter and organize your space. Not just your home, but your car, office, and even your purse. This will help cleanse the energy around and within you. When you have more clarity in your life, you will be more likely to manifest the life you want. which includes manifesting a child. 



Create Space for Love and Peace 


Beyond removing clutter from your life, create space for love and peace in your heart and mind.


Clear and unblock your chakras, deal with past emotional and physical trauma, forgive those who have hurt you, and most importantly forgive yourself. 


It's time to heal. Healing will enable you to bring a child into a healthy and safe environment, to parents who love and support each other and have the emotional space to love, nurture, and raise a balanced human being. 


Too often we are focused on conception and the idea of family without knowing what kind of family and parents we want to be. Decide and discuss this first with your partner. Focus on the love you already have and be grateful for that love.


If you find that the love is lacking, or that conflict is all around you. Stop trying to conceive and start focusing on increasing the love and peace within and around you. Reconnect with your partner and rediscover the little joys in life. The simple joys are powerful energy creators, which will help you manifest the little being that will carry pieces of each of you off into the future. 



If you need help healing or figuring out some of these questions, I can help you. Connect with me today. I will create a program to help you reduce stress, clear your energy, and manifest the family you deserve to have.  


I can also connect you with a fertility specialist at VitalityMD, in the Toronto area. This private wellness clinic specializes in women's health and wellness. Click HERE to find out more about the clinic and its founder, Dr. Shari Caplan MD, CCFP, FCFP, FAARM







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