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Zen Mamma, Serenity Coach, Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Single Mom, Anxiety Survivor, Coffee Lover and Your New Mom Friend on a mission to help you recognize yourself again, experience more passion and joy, and finally take your power back.

Welcome to my Zen Space!.

Restore, Align, Attract

Serenity coaching, a.k.a. "Zen Mamma Programs", and healing sessions are designed to move you from a state of chronic stress and anxiety to feeling empowered, limitless and abundant. 

Mom life is challenging. We can easily lose pieces of ourselves by continuously giving without restoring our vital energy, being intentional about expressing our true selves and pursuing a life we want, as moms and beyond.


If you stumbled upon my zen space, you're probably looking for something more and maybe you're not really sure what that is, but feel the invisible pull of your spirit.


Serenity Coaching will help you find what you're looking for, feel connected to your self and fall in love with life again, as a mom and beyond.

to Love Your Life Again

The Zen Mamma Method

Personalized Coaching Programs

Personalized Zen Mamma Coaching Programs

are customized to your needs and goals; however follow a proven method I've developed over time and after many client wins.

Join me for weekly good vibes, Stress Relief & Energy Boosts
 Plus a bonus revitalizing guided meditation when you sign up!
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Oakville, ON, Canada