Why I Meditate for Charity

November 30, 2016

 I meditate for charity because meditation creates awareness. 


There are so many causes to support and many more people, places, plants, and animals in need. One thing we don't do enough of is create awareness around these issues. 


Charity has become arduous. A thankless task, more about taking than giving. More about greed than gratitude. And if we do donate our time or money to important causes, some of us ladies are fearful of bragging. Or so I've heard. 


Women are afraid of taking credit where credit is due, but that's for another day. 



What's In It For Me


I used to work in the tax shelter industry where giving was structured around profit. Do well by doing good, they said. They also called it profitable giving, where everybody wins. 


This is all fine and dandy. Tax laws are structured in such a way to entice the wealthy, people who have the means to give (financially speaking), an incentive to give to the less fortunate. But does this giving come from the heart? 


Yesterday, I was at a networking event at the Pretty in Pink Spa in Oakville and the guest speaker, Elain Slatter, of XL Consulting Group, spoke to us of giving to get. Her message was pretty clear, when you give from the bottom of your heart, to a cause that means something to you, your audience will naturally follow. 


She said that giving builds trust. And that trust will build your brand. 


We do enjoy buying from companies that give a little bit back. And this concept is exemplified with Toms. This incredible shoe company donates a pair of shoes for every pair purchased.



Like, wow. I can have a super comfortable pair of shoes to kick around in and help a person in need who has been wandering around bare foot on dirt, garbage, and sewage?




But how much time do you spend actually thinking about the person you just donated a pair of shoes to? Maybe the first couple of times you wear them before the novelty begins to fades. 


Now, what's the difference between tax incentivized giving and building a brand around giving back? On the surface, nothing. You're still giving to get. But if you look closely, you'll notice something significantly different. 


What Ms. Slatter preached was heart. The why and the how. You have to truly believe you are doing good, and giving to a cause that truly means something to you, for others to follow. 


In other words, don't be a flake. 


There's another word for it. Energy. The why and the how invokes a magical kind of energy around this giving to get structure. 



And that is why meditation as a fundraising and awareness tool is a superior method. 



Meditating for Charity is Different


Yes, I'm a little biased, but I do truly believe that meditation can help us manifest miracles. That on top of the amazing healing benefits, meditation can save lives and increases long term thoughtfulness. The effects of which last longer than money and time alone. 



It Changes Behaviour and Alters Attitude


When you meditate, especially on a certain topic, like Stand with Standing Rock, you alter your brain chemistry and strengthen neural circuits connected to giving, compassion, thoughtfulness, and love. You'll also weaken aggression towards these groups as well as your subconscious bias, that would normally limit your empathic abilities. 



It Heals Your Body 


Your body is an amazing machine that scientists are finally beginning to understand. Yogis have understood the mechanics and connection between body and mind for centuries.


According to Melania Lizano, Gynecologist and Meditation Instructor, and what yogi's have always known is that, meditating calms your body and mind to a point where they can come into complete balance. It is at this point that your vital energy (prana) is restored and your physical self can begin to heal, naturally. 



Meditation for Reflection 


Most importantly though, meditating for charity gives us time and space to reflect on pain and suffering in this world. In this space and time we can make a necessary decision to do something about it. We can begin to consciously change how we feel, speak, think and act on these issues.


Because one person can make a difference. That person is you and me and the person sitting next to you. These energy and behaviour shifts will flow from each of us to the rest of us and into our unborn children. Because that is how energy works. We are all connected and we can makes (energetic) waves that change (circumstance). 


Stay tuned for some exciting news regarding weekly Dharma classes for charity. I will update this post when the details are ironed out. 


In the mean time, stay connected for news and my latest posts. 

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